Crucero fantástico 2020

El Corte Inglés

DIESTRO has designed, directed and produced the new 2020 Fantastic Cruise campaign for Viajes El Corte Inglés, which includes a 45 ”advertising spot and three prints. With executive production of The Mushroom Co and in close collaboration with the R* creative agency we have developed this 100% CGI work, where we see three large cruises decorated with characteristic aesthetics of the three holiday destinations they represent: Caribbean, fjords and Venice.



The trip starts on board

03 Info

With an art direction full of design details that will evoke the dream of traveling to exotic destinations, the three ships have dared to follow the style of each culture: touches of Central America and the West Indies with an Alebrije sea horse for the Caribbean; an imposing and festive Viking cruise for the fjords; and finally an exercise of baroque ornamentation for the cruise that closes this piece at Venice, between fireworks and flocks of colorful balloons.

The production executed entirely within the study adds to the difficulty of the scale of the ships themselves, the need to implement 3D simulations of the different seas, emulating all their physical characteristics to achieve a photorealistic result. In addition, different realistic 3D animals such as a macaw, a killer whale and flying seagulls, with crowds of photorealistic masses of people have also been animated in 3D.

04 Pre-production

05 Credits

Directed, designed & produced: DIESTRO

Creative agency: R*

Executive production: The Mushroom Company

​Client: Viajes El Corte Inglés