Muy #0


Creation of the promotional campaign of the new open channel of Movistar #0. We built a colorful world of CGI based on Rubik's cubes, filming with the biggest stars of the channel like Broncano, Andreu Buenafuente, Javier Sierra, Patricia Conde or Iñaki Gabilondo.

01 Project


02 Info

Based on the idea of ​​segmented cubes such as the Rubik's cube, which revolve alternately revealing their different faces, we built an entire visual system for the campaign of the 2017 season of the new open channel of Movistar. With a colorful palette, we framed the different television stars of the channel.

To integrate both worlds, real filming and 3D stages, we had to make a shooting with a high technical component, where we controlled up to the color of each wardrobe to maintain the palette. In this shoot we directed the performances of all those who appeared before the cameras, including celebrities such as Andreu Buenafuente and Iñaki Gabilondo.

03 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

Client: Movistar+

​Music: Let's run away, by Matt and Kim