DIESTRO, in close collaboration with the Movistar+ team, has created for the second time in a row, the rebrand of this mythical TV show.

El Dia Después began broadcasting in 1990 and reviews the soccer day of the First Division, from a casual point of view, focusing on curious situations and with reports where the most important of the national and international leagues is also analyzed.

01 Project


The idea was to reflect the evolution of the program over more than 30 yEARS.

03 Info

Our proposal was focused on illustration, typography as the axis and the retro treatment of images, but from a current vision. Using vivid color palettes in contrast with black and white images, and playing with textures print and worn out.

Typographic animation will have a great weight in the project as well as than the 2d animation of characters, which will give us the perfect vehicle to convey emotions of passion or humor and connect with viewers.

With our aesthetic proposal we seek to reflect the effort and sacrifice of footballers and fans who give everything to win or follow your teams in any circumstance, no matter how tough. The personal evolution that this requires, and the character of this sport, who fights and gets dirty both in the big stadiums and in the most modest neighborhood clubs.

the project revolves around the MOTION DESIGN of the
headlines and letterings

04 Credits

Directed and Produced by DIESTRO

Executive production: Movistar+

​Client: Movistar+