LZF Lamps

Poetic piece of 3D animation for the renowned brand of LZF lamps. Inspired by traditional Japanese fish Koi, we travel to an underwater world where forms and light play, revealing the design with subtlety.

01 Project


02 Info

The brand of lamps LZF has always distinguished itself by its decorative concepts inspired by nature. The organic forms converge with the object, and all the products tell small stories based on light.

We wanted to express this essence with the creation of this short film for the launch of its product range Koi. These products are based on a special material that simulates the scales of a Japanese carp, called Koi.

It was important to create a dense environment to place the viewer in an underwater universe. The environment we created is very rich in forms, which at first are only subtly perceived. As the light becomes more important, little by little more details and elements are discovered. The interaction of the Koi carp with organic forms and light leads it to become itself a source of light.

03 Preproduction

04 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

Client: LZF Lamps

​Music: BSO