__Zona Zàping

TV3 __ TV Branding

Design of all the characters and actions of the new image of the popular TV show Zona Zàping (Zapping Zone), for channel TV3. In terms of humor we animated different gags in which a group of robots give way to the different contents and sections of the TV show.

_01 Project

_02 Info

Zona Zàping (Zapping Zone) is one of the Top10 TV shows of TV3. This magazine of sports, comedy and zapping, has a long history of high audience rating. At the time of facing the renewal of his image, an important factor to consider was the good acceptance by the most faithful public of the TV show. This is how we bet on a humorous world of robots with slapstick scenes and gags, which frame the different elements of the graphic pack. Character designs were created in sketches and then the pieces were made entirely in 3D.

_03 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: diestro

Client: TV3