Pegaso Z-105


Short piece of digital animation created by Hugo Basism, from DIESTRO. The legendary sports car brand Pegaso is honored here through a fictitious F1 Z-105 race that never came to compete. 

01 Project

For the creation of the piece, the digital driving system Craft Animation was used.

02 Info

Hugo Basism, motion graphics director at diestro, is passionate about the world of motor in all its aspects. In this piece generated entirely in 3D we witness a fictitious Formula 1 race between a Pegaso Z-105 and a Ferrari. The montage contains references to the Grand Prix titles of maestro Saul Bass.

Wilfredo Ricart, born in Barcelona, ​​was a partner and rival of the legendary Enzo Ferrari in Alfa Romeo, fighting between them to get the best sports machinery at the time when car racing was at its zenith. Many claimed that between both of them, Ricart was the best, and therefore his cars are the object of worship and collecting.

For the creation of this piece cars were not animated in a traditional way, but the digital driving system Craft Animation was used, with which we collaborated directly. With this system, cars are driven like in a videogame and all the driving parameters of the real car are transferred to that of 3D.

03 Credits

Direction and production: Hugo Basism

​Music: Kasabian