Sony Music

Creation of graphics and visual effects for the music video Comme moi, interpreted by Shakira and Black M, under the directing of Jaume de la Iguana. We created patterns and graphic elements that are projected and integrated into the bodies of the singers.

01 Project

More than 26 million views on YouTube.

02 Info

We were invited to collaborate in the production of the music video Comme moi, directed by Jaume de la Iguana. It is a musical collaboration of Shakira with the French artist Black M, which is part of the album Eternel insatisfait by Black M, and from the album El Dorado, by Shakira. The music video was released in YouTube on April 1, 2017 and already has more than 17 million visits.

For this work we developed different textures and animated graphic elements, which we projected in live action shooting on the bodies of the singers. Then we applied effects and transitions of postproduction to amalgamate the images of shooting with the graphics and give visual accents to the edition.

The challenge of design was to generate a material that visually enriched the work of Jaume de la Iguana, giving a touch of graphics to photography, but without saturating the piece.

03 Credits

Motion graphics and Post-production: DIESTRO

Director: Jaume de Laiguana

Production company: Laiguana

Client: Shakira

​Music: Shakira and Black M