__Rakuten Cinema

Rakuten __ ID

Design and directing of the audiovisual piece communicating the new identity of Rakuten Cinema, commissioned by the Summa agency. Since mid-2018 it has been heading all the international productions of the Japanese giant.

_01 Project

Direct references to the airbrush poster illustration.

_02 Info

At the beginning of the year 2018 we were invited by the Summa agency to create the new audiovisual ID of Rakuten Cinema, destined to head all the cinematographic and television productions of the Japanese group internationally.

Our proposal was to evoke the passion of the cinema through the innocent look of a child. With a retro aesthetic and direct references to the airbrush poster illustration, the piece captures the emotion of being in the darkness of a room, devoted to the show that appears as if by magic from the screen. The different genres of cinema emerge from the screen and parade before the surprised look of our little protagonist.

The piece was made entirely in 3D. His biggest challenge was that the animation of the character and the tempo of the narrative had to evolve from an intimate and casual moment to a great ending, anticipating with this climax the emotion of seeing a good movie.

_03 Preproduction

_04 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: diestro

Agency: Summa

Client: Rakuten

​Music: Vicen Martínez