7,5 Milions de Futurs

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We have designed, directed and produced for Crazy Ant Show, commissioned by the agency Ogilvy Barcelona two interactive installations for the exhibition 7.5 Milions de Futurs. Inaugurated in March 2019 and open until June 30 in the emblematic Palau Robert in Barcelona, ​​the exhibition is a review of the current situation of Catalan society and its figures.

01 Project

Holographic windows representing the different fields of civil society

02 Info

The installation 7.5 Milions of Il·lusions consists of three holographic windows representing the different fields of civil society: the public, the professional and the private. As a 1:1 scale holographic installation it is an ambitious technical development, shot with lenses without deformation and taking care of every detail in order to fit the perspectives between the physical and the virtual planes.

7.5 Milions de Innovacions is an installation where a mapping visual is projected onto a sculptural and kinetic piece measuring 8 meters wide. Selecting the themes with a specially designed control shift, we see five historical tours projected with the milestones that mark the long history of innovation and leadership of the main industrial sectors in Catalonia.

03 Installation

04 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

Original idea and executive production: Crazy Ant Show

Agency: Ogilvy Barcelona

​Client: Palau Robert