Online experience for the OCB smoking paper brand, where a combination of physical models, 3D characters and interactive games invite the user to visit an original world that, despite its fantastic concept, seems to be palpable.

01 Project

Bronze at the 2011 El Sol Festival and Bronze in the 2012 Laus Awards.

02 Info

The cigarette paper brand OCB wanted to generate online content for its audience but it was subject to many legal limitations for being a brand linked to tobacco. So together we created a website that reproduced the world blackthinking, its premium collection. Interactive content, games and gifts were made available to users.

To do this, we designed all the characters, we physically constructed the stage, we generated all the contents and we did all the programming of the website. The initial idea of ​​the project was to create a space in which people could interact with both the characters and the stage. We wanted to create a feeling of space one hundred percent real, so we chose to build a huge model of the blackthinking world.

Next, we placed the characters digitally within the different stages that the world contains, in order to offer a very physical browsing experience. The manual process was very important for the finishing, because it allowed to achieve a warmth of the spaces that would not have been achieved digitally. This world was built on a circular wooden surface on a system of movement synchronized with the camera.

03 Preproduction

04 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

Agency: Road

Client: OCB