Nach . Me llaman

Universal Music

First work by DIESTRO for Spanish rapper Nach, nominated in the Best Music Video category in the 15th Latin Grammys. This entirely shot piece is constructed through different cinematographic techniques on fictitious objects and physical elements.

01 Project

Nominated in the Best Music Video category in the 15th Latin Grammys.

02 Info

This work is the first collaboration of diestro with spanish rapper Nach, . In this piece, between a manifesto and a poetic recitation, Nach makes an original profile of himself as a musical self-portrait.

For the creation of the music video we used all kinds of shooting techniques, reversing the time of some sequences even, to shoot all kinds of physical and fictitious elements such as the bust of the rapper of his skull. The careful photography and editing seek to build a visual story halfway between abstraction and allegory.

This work of a more artistic style, far from the conventionalisms and clichés of hip hop music videos, was a bold bet that generated very good reception from the critics. The originality of the concept and its art direction were highlighted with a nomination for Best Music Video at the 15th Latin Grammys, in the 2014 edition.

03 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

Client: Universal Music

​Music: Nach