Nach . Leyenda

Universal Music

DIESTRO's second collaboration with the rapper Nach. Shot in the ruins of Belchite, a town devastated by civil war, and in the Monegros desert. With the collaboration of photographer Oscar Fernández.

01 Project

Nach, one of the founders of the mythical Spanish band Violadores del Verso.

02 Info

This piece of shooting and 3D animation is the second collaboration of DIESTRO with the rapper Nach. In this theme, we used CGI images of an embryo and cellular activity to visualize the creative process that shapes the soul and character of an artist.

The music video was shot in collaboration with photographer Oscar Fernández in Belchite, a town devastated by the bombs of the Spanish civil war that remains intact in its destruction. It was also shot in the Monegros desert and at the Massana school in Barcelona.

In the sequences produced in CGI we can see different allegories of the formation of a human being in the form of an embryo in the uterus, and others where we witness various activities at the cellular and genetic level, metaphor of the formation of the genius of an artist.

03 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

Client: Universal Music

​Music: Nach