Chiquilín Milenarios

Artiach __ Advertising

Production directed entirely by diestro for Artiach, in which we combined fields of wheat and tabletop of ingredients produced 100% in 3D, together with a live action filming for the consumption, demo and still life sequences.

01 Project

A balanced combination of CGI and live action.

02 Info

For the launch campaign of Chiquilín Cereales Milenarios, by Artiach, we collaborated with the live action production company La Cosa de las Películas. From diestro we created all CGI scenes, including realistic landscapes with wheat fields and a virtual tabletop with three types of seeds and a breaking cookie demo.

Our proposal was to transmit an epic and spectacular aesthetic, in which we highlighted the good quality of the ingredients of the cookies, as well as the nobility of its natural origin. For the sequence of soaking the biscuit in milk we worked combining filming with high speed cameras with digital post-production images.

The challenge was to achieve realism and visual value in the wheat fields and the ingredients that made it more appetizing than a photo tabletop, which was achieved by combining CGI and live action on a balanced way.

03 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

Production company: La Cosa de las Películas

Client: Adam Foods