DIESTRO have created a new promotional campaign for the television channel VIAJAR of the DISNEY group. For this we have focused on 6 programs of the channel to which they are joined by travel and the adventure of discovering new places.

We developed a unified aesthetic for the 6 pieces. A mix of abstract images and deconstructed typographic compositions form a design full of textures and paper tears.

01 Project

02 Info

We wanted to create a set of promotional pieces that would work together to form a recognizable family, but allow the color palettes to adapt to the design. The use of different types of music also gives each piece a unique personality.

For us, one of the most important parts was typographic animation, which would give us the dynamic element that accompanies slow motion image compositions. These are mixtures of the landscapes that are covered and the stars of the show.

The six pieces share the aesthetic approach but also imitate its editing, transitions or the closing image.

The same style of typographic animation unifies the six pieces

05 Credits

Creativity, art and direction: DIESTRO

​Client: Disney